5SOS Fans Rally For Billboard To Count the Release Error of CALM

Photo: Deluxe version of CALM by 5SOS/Interscope Records

5 Seconds of Summer's 4th studio album, CALM, was released to the public a week earlier than the release date of March 27, due to a clerical error by Ticketmaster, who sent out 10,000 physical copies of the record. This type of situation has happened before with artists such as Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, & One Direction, but it didn't affect their charting on the Billboard 200 chart. The difference between 5 Seconds of Summer's CALM and The Weeknd's After Hours is 2,556 units sold, a number that 5SOS surpassed with the 10,000 physical copies. 

5SOS fans are rallying with the hashtag #BillboardCountThe10K on Twitter. It's important for Billboard or someone to realize the mistake and make a statement to not only treat 5SOS fairly, but also artists in the future who this may happen to. This affects artists and their history. Fans are not asking The Weeknd to give up his spot, but rather, Billboard to do what's right and count the 10k sales, whether it was a mistake or not to release them a week early.

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Photo: CALM by 5SOS/Interscope Records