• Brooke Vokoun

A Look Into the Rising Musical Career of Jessica Ricca

Following her hit cover of the Plain White T's famous "Hey There Delilah," with a twist-- from Delilah's point of view, "Hey It's Delilah," --the 22-year-old singer/songwriter, Jessica Ricca, has created beautiful and original music of her own. With more than 180k subscribers on YouTube, and over 22k monthly Spotify listeners, there is no doubt that Jessica Ricca is an up-and-coming artist with a blossoming career. The release of Ricca's first album in 2020, "I Am Okay," is a prime example of just how creative, passionate, and personal she designs her music.

Jessica Ricca's album cover for ,"I Am Okay." Cover art created by Adam Knauer.

Ricca's album has a feeling that touches the soul and reaches the heart of those listening. The songs, Sweet Connection and Middle of May, convey a mixture of hardships and pain that follow relationships. The portrayal of relatability and solace is apparent, having many songs being acoustic based with a soft tone. Her voice provides a level of comfort, that is not only aesthetic, but rich with variety and control. Other songs off the album which illustrate her diversity in songwriting include--Someone I Never Had and Alexander--where there is an evident difference in tempo and cadence.

After recently entering a social media contest hosted by C2 Records, the MUSIC MADNESS competition offered promotion, recording sessions, and prize money opportunities to the winner; Jessica Ricca won the competition. Coming in first-place, she was offered a record deal through C2 Records, $25,000 prize money, and studio time. For any up-and-coming musician, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. In some of Ricca’s YouTube videos commenting on her recent win, she hints at big things coming, and a growing focus on working with her music.

"I will be doing music full-time, and I am putting that into the world."

Amassing over 400k followers and 11.4m likes on TikTok, Jessica Ricca is, no doubt, a rising star. In looking at her future in the music industry Ricca states, "I've always been so unsure of myself and my talents." But as of recently, with the new found support and growing career, she explains "I can do this for real, and I don't even need anyone to believe in me but myself, because I can do it." She has a strong, positive outlook on her career opportunities, and a beautiful attitude towards her recent success. The hard-working, girl from New Jersey, is definitely making an impact in the music realm, and we are excited to see the new songs and creativity she is working on next!

Instagram: @JessicaRicca