Alec Benjamin 'These Two Windows' - Album Review

Alec Benjamin, known for songs such as 'Water Fountain' and 'Let Me Down Slowly,' just released his debut album! Titled "These Two Windows," the album which was set to release April 3rd, but was pushed back to May 29th, as it needed a few touchups, is finally ready to be shared with the world. This album features Alec writing about his struggle with relationships both romantically and personally, his fights with his inner demons, and even demonstrates how he always wants to make people feel good. 

     The album begins with a series of songs on how Alec is dealing with the thoughts in his head and his emotional state. More on the topic of how Alec just overthinks and hopes one day to overcome it, these songs are sure to be relatable to anybody. Young, old, everyone deals with something at some point, and these few songs help the listener understand that they really are not alone and that they are not the only ones dealing with these thoughts or thinking people assume they're crazy. He also focuses on how he realizes some people will be there for you, and then when you feel you don't need them anymore, you slowly drift away from them even though they'll continue to be there for you. 

     Alec is a very compassionate person with a huge heart, and that shows in the song 'Must Have Been The Wind.' The song tells the story of a girl Alec knew who was in an abusive relationship. When the girl doesn't want to talk about the situation with Alec, he reminds her that he will always be willing to listen whenever she's ready and that he cares. It is such a beautiful song with an even more beautiful message! 

     One of Alec Benjamin's most significant influences is Eminem. The song 'Alamo' is an excellent representation of that when the bridge kicks in with Alec doing a spoken word Esque rap for the verse, which details more of Alec's battle with his inner demons. The bridge describes how on the outside, he may appear like he's fine, but on the inside, he can't sleep, barely eats, and how he feels trapped inside his head. It's very similar to a few of Eminem's verses in his songs 'Mockingbird' and 'Relapse,' which feature a similar theme of sadness and struggle in your personal life. 

     'These Two Windows' concludes with a song that is dedicated to Alec's dad. Alec is no stranger to writing about his family. On his first mixtape 'Narrated For You,' his song 'If We Have Eachother' is dedicated to his sister, each verse of that song concludes with the subjects being strengthened by the love from their loved ones. On this album, 'Just Like You' focuses on Alec's relationship with his dad. Alec admits that he would get in arguments with his dad that caused him to even block his number, which he now regrets. The chorus and remaining verses are Alec saying that now that he's much older, he realizes that his father had his own issues but still did everything he could to support his family. Alec is telling his dad that when he eventually becomes a father, he hopes to be just as good as him. I feel as though this song, in particular, will resonate with audiences a lot. 

     Overall, 'These Two Windows' is absolutely fantastic for a debut release! Not once did I feel like a song didn't fit or that there was a song that didn't fit into the tracklist. Fans and even people who have never listened to Alec's music before will love this album and will find a favorite song or just a song they can relate to! Be sure to stream 'These Two Windows' on whatever streaming platform you prefer and follow Alec on Twitter and Instagram for updates on his life, music, and his upcoming tour!

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