ALICE releases "Smoke It Out"

Cover by Nathan Kwon


"Smoke It Out” is the latest single by R&B/Pop singer ALICE. The track aims to pay homage to the African-American culture that has paved the way for her genre of music. As a Korean American, K-Pop influenced, artist, ALICE aims to break stereotypes and increase Asian representation in the American music industry.

Given the civil unrest brought about by the publicized murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor and the Black Lives Matter movement, ALICE was inspired to use her platform to express a message of unity. “Smoke It Out” is a song packed with sharp verses stressing the brokenness of the system, while highlighting the inclusiveness, openness, and lack of prejudice that is found in smoking culture.

ALICE showcases her awareness and social responsibility with an influential track commenting on social issues. Among her accomplishments, she has sung guide vocals for a YG entertainment artist, won a CCM songwriting competition in South Korea, and been interviewed by Teen Vogue.

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