"Alright Los Angeles!"

Luke Hemmings

On September 11th, AMP Radio and Helpful Honda hosted a 5 Seconds of Summer secret show for 150 lucky fans to see. Luckily, I was one of them. I've seen 5 Seconds of Summer 15 times at this point and I can say they never disappoint. They are electric in the way they are so in tune with each other. From simple strums on the guitars to riffs being sung, every person in that room could feel every emotion being sung in that room. All of the fans won either through an online or phone contest with AMP Radio or a ticket though Helpful Honda. It was not an easy thing to win, so only the most dedicated fans were in attendance that night.

From the start they have been a pop band with pop-punk roots when they started opening for One Direction. At the secret show they proved that what makes them good performers is their relationship and personal connection with their music. Ashton Irwin played on a drum sound board, while both Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford played on their acoustic guitars. Calum Hood played his bass as usual as they played their acoustic set. Between sarcastic jokes coming from Irwin between songs the energy felt electric in the room. You could tell they connected with each person in the audience that has supported them for a while. They started off opening with their hit lead single off of 'Youngblood' called "Want You Back." They have released an acoustic version of the song on all streaming services and performed it in that style. After they played a few more songs, they continued and played their latest single "Teeth" for the first time. It was acoustic and it had an almost jazzy feel to the pop song. It was incredible to hear Hemmings hit these insanely high notes in songs like "Teeth" and "Easier" as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

Michael Clifford

Before the set was played, they did a Q & A with a Radio Host from AMP Radio. During that, you heard with emotion how excited they are about the fourth album in the making and how they get to play to such a small crowd in their home-away-from-home in Los Angeles. After the show about 75 of the fans waited outside the back parking lot. The boys came out and took pictures with fans and gave them an experience no one in that crowd could ever forget. The connection 5SOS has with their fans is unlike any other band because no matter how much they grow they will stop and say hello and speak to those that help them get to the top.

This fall as 5 Seconds of Summer prepares for the release of their upcoming 4th album, they will be touring with the Chainsmokers and Lennon Stella on the World War Joy Tour coming to city near you. If you enjoy seeing a band with undeniable energy and love for their music, this tour would be a can't miss for you!

Calum Hood

Kelsey with Luke Hemmings

Kelsey with Ashton Irwin