Amanda Ong releases debut EP!

Singaporean indie-folk singer-songwriter, Amanda Ong, announces the release of her self-titled debut EP, Amanda. The six-track EP is now available on all major digital service providers. With songs written since she was 17, each track encapsulates a different stage in her coming-of-age. Amanda is a cathartic journey back to her later teens and early 20s.

Her EP has a beautiful acoustic style with soft sounds that compliment her soothing voice. Make sure to listen to it and stay updated with her music!


The project is multi-dimensional both thematically and sonically, addressing family, friendship, self-doubt, love, and conflict through elements of indie-pop, folk, and a cappella.

Amanda’s signature inclination towards vocally-driven soundscapes is most apparent in Living On My Own, where she creates lush layers of vocal harmonies and percussion to offer a refreshing foil to her other tracks. A more somber approach is taken in The Man I Knew Better, Nice To Meet You, and Zero To Me, forming the perfect subdued backdrop for the lyrical genuinity to cut through. The EP’s dynamics are balanced with lighter-sounding tunes in You Don’t Exist and Eye To Eye, with the latter being an upbeat bop juxtaposed against the subject matter of frustration.

The transition from adolescence to early adulthood brings about new beginnings but also painful departures. Amanda beautifully captures the nuances in that experience, delivering an introspective collection of songs that seeks to heal and bring light to her listeners.

The tracks are of various genres and I didn’t plan it that way, but those were just the sort of ideas that were floating around in my head when I first jotted the melodies down,” Amanda describes.

Following this release, a karaoke version of all six songs will be made available. Amanda intends to veer towards releasing solo a cappella tracks in the next few years.

Amanda Ong is an indie-folk singer-songwriter born and bred in Singapore, writing songs with the intention to help listeners struggling with mental health issues to heal through music. Bringing harmony is quintessentially Amanda, whether vocally or in collaborating fervently, she is a proponent of the Singapore arts community, commissioning a different artist for every one of her releases to date.

Her songs have garnered listeners in 79 countries, featured on Spotify playlists such as Singapore’s Top Acts, Women Of Singapore, Rising 65, New Music Friday Singapore, and New Music Friday Malaysia. Her songs have also been nominated for the Youth Music Awards 2020 under three categories – Earworm Of The Year, Best Feel Good Song, and Best Song to Sing Along to.

At the moment, she is also producing regular a cappella covers both individually and with her a cappella group, New Recording 47.

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