Concert Review: Angels & Airwaves in NYC at Playstation Theater

Angels and Airwaves have returned to the stage for the first time in seven years with their 2019 tour, and their stop at Playstation Theater in midtown New York could only be described as out of this world.

The show fulfilled what many fans have been longing for, for close to a decade now, as Tom Delonge and his talented band mates in Angels and Airwaves delivered a perfect setlist debuting new songs and playing fan favorites from every release, as well as sharing a few stories.

The band opened up with “Surrender”, sending die hard fans to space in excitement, and followed it with “Overload” and “Everything’s Magic”. Other setlist highlights include “Anxiety”, “The Adventure” and “Hallucinations”. Although every fan did come to hear Angels songs, I think it’s safe to say that the most memorable part of the show, was the one that was almost the most emotional. Frontman, Tom Delonge stood center stage slowly strumming three hauntingly familiar chords as he delivered a heartfelt message to a crowd of fans who have followed him here from his Blink days.

“My god have I been playing music for a long time,” he started. He talked about how lucky he was to be in Blink 182, and how much he loves his former bandmates, Mark and Travis. He went on to discuss the bands origin, and journey “Its not something Im running from its just that I wanted to do other things too. So with angels and Airwaves, we tried to write songs that would make people feel something, something a little more spiritual” As his emotional speech came to a close, and those familiar chords rang out, they carried his voice into the iconic chorus of “Where are you, and I'm so sorry”. Before he could finish the line, every single voice in that crowded theater chimed into to sing along to Blink 182’s I miss you. Tom continued the song and flawlessly blended it into a medley of “There is” from his short-lived project Boxcar Racer, and “Aliens Exist” another iconic Blink track.

For me, Tom Delonge is one of the people that really got me into music, so seeing him perform live for the first time, especially since he performed classics from Blink and Boxcar, in addition to all the great Angels songs we came out to see, was truly unforgettable. He is a one of a kind artist and renaissance man, as he continues to push boundaries with his music, research and other creative projects attached to To The Stars Media. As a performer, it’s clear that he specifically creates a one of a kind show to present to his fans.

Even though the songs he’s written for Angels and Airwaves are generally a little more deep and real than jokey and fun punk songs he wrote with Blink, on stage he is still the same Tom that we came to know and love, with the same humor, dick jokes and all. The short breaks between songs that make you think about life were filled with classic Blink 182 gags and jokes which may have come as a shock to as he commented on it “The more sophisticated, adult Angels and Airwaves fans”, but for most it made the whole thing feel complete.

As the band brought their set to a close with “Breathe” and the new “Kiss and tell” before an encore set of “Do it for me now” and “heaven” the crowds energy never died, singing and dancing the whole way through.

The Angels and Airwaves show was a truly beautiful and memorable crowd experience, and definitely one of the best shows I saw in 2019 so far. With their two rockin’ new singles out, Rebel Girl, and Kiss and Tell (Which are both available to stream now by the way), the album that’s due out later this year promises to be nothing short of spectacular.