Arrested Youth releases "Brightside!"

Arrested Youth released a new song called "Brightside," expressing how you can find the light in situations, no matter what. With an alternative/hip hop style, Ian Johnson, a.k.a. Arrested Youth, writes about his personal experiences and aims to inspire people.

"Brightside is about keeping a positive mental outlook, even when the easier choice is to dwell in your negative thoughts," shares Ian Johnson. "The song serves as a reminder to myself and others to keep it on the bright side, despite the many obstacles of life."

"Music is incredibly stimulating for both the right and left side of my brain. I love the left-brain, analytical element of writing lyrics, developing concepts, etc. I also love the right-brain, creative element of expressing emotions, pushing my imagination and more" shares Johnson. "The process of creating music is very fulfilling on a personal, intellectual, and creative level and allows me to be able to honestly express what I am feeling and seeing in the world around me."