Artist Spotlight: Camryn

Meet Camryn, an amazing artist based in Billings, Montana!

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What inspired you to start creating art?

Ever since I was very little, I’d see older students, relatives, and others create amazing things, which is mainly what inspired me to pick up a pencil! I kept doing traditional art throughout the years of things I loved, whether it be a landscape, animals, or a TV show. More recently, though, bands and music have had a huge impact on my art. I just have so much fun with what I do, so I’ve kept at it for a long while now!

What do you hope to convey through your work?

I hope to convey my love and admiration for others’ art, (in this case, mainly music,) through my own (digital art!) I want to show how other forms of art are able to inspire and motivate other artists in different ways. I also want to show my skills and creativity, of course!

All your pieces have diverse styles — how do you decide what style you want to create for a certain piece?

Whenever I see a photo, video, or hear a song, etc., ideas usually just pop into my head. I try to associate different sounds, textures, or words with designs that mimic or reflect that same “vibe.” It’s kind of hard to explain in a sense! I channel whatever emotions I feel from that reference item onto my screen, for the most part! It really all depends on what feels right.

What are some of your biggest goals as an artist?

I would absolutely love to design merch or album covers for any bands one day. I adore alternative music, and seeing smaller bands on the rise gives me so much motivation! It’d be great to help them and see my art out there in different ways. I really hope to design for a band or company and be able to grow and prosper right along with them. I mainly want to be able to create and keep a good career with graphic design, no matter what it may involve!

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

PRACTICE!! It’s very cliché, yes, but practice will get you to where you want to be. I’ve had moments where I thought my art would never be good enough, but I kept going and have been very proud of myself recently! Don’t give up or be too hard on yourself, you can always improve as long as you keep a good and healthy mindset about it. Always be willing to step out of your comfort zone as well. That’s a major key in getting better at what you want to do!