Artist Spotlight: Chloe Muñoz

Interview by Yising Kao, Artwork by Chloe Muñoz

February issue:

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No Vacancy

What inspired you to start creating art?

There are different forms of art that I tend to rely on the most, drawing and poetry. I definitely was the kid in class that had more doodles/drawings on my papers rather than actual class notes even though I didn’t get into actual drawing art until my sophomore year of high school. I took an art class for an elective and I would always try to expand on the assignments given and whether they worked out or not, it didn’t really matter. I also got into poetry that same year, it was during a poetry unit in my English class. Hope by Emily Dickinson was the poem that started it all for me and poetry has been my go-to ever since.

What’s your process like when planning out a piece?

I’m more of a writer, in the form of poetry so, it’s gotten to the point where if I write something then I’m more than likely wanting to draw something that is a correlation to it or sometimes it’s flipped; where the drawing comes first and I immediately want to write something in comparative to it. There never really is a planned out process when creating something. The most planned process I have is that I might be at work or in class and I get the sudden thought of something that I think would look or sound cool. So, I write it down and the different aspects within the presupposed drawing or poetry piece so later on I can attempt to go through and piece it together.

What or who do you pull inspiration from for your artwork?

The most inspiration I get is through music. It’s something that I have always had a hold onto and as cliche as it sounds, it’s helped me through some of the toughest times I’ve had to come across in life. It’s the same with writing, often times it stems off of a particular piece in a song or particular album cover art. The bands/artists that I pull through the most as of lately are Bearings, Between You & Me, Nightly, and Halsey. So it becomes interesting in seeing the different pieces go through pop-punk and into the alternative indie pop realm.

Floral Glass in North Hansen

How do you overcome any challenges you face?

As of recently, I have been creating digital art so prior it was really pencil and paper and would get frustrating measuring out the straight lines, the widths and lengths in order for everything to match. With digital art, my favorite thing is that it’s easier to mess up than it is on paper. When it comes to poetry, it’s really figuring out how to put words together in order for it to flow. When I’m writing, that’s when the pencil and paper are used the most and pages tend to look wrecked throughout the process. Seeing the outcome is the most surreal thing though, having something come out of a simple thought or just seeing something and wanting to piece together your own narrative of it and having it come out just how you wanted is really gratifying.