Artist Spotlight: Kylee Cornelius

Interview by Yising Kao 3/9/19

Meet Kylee Cornelius, an amazing graphic designer based in Atlanta, GA!

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Twitter: @iceandmilkk

Instagram: @lovelyasitis

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What inspired you to start creating art?

When I was around ten, I went through a rough patch. I started by drawing doodles during church, and then advanced into realistic pieces in 7th grade. It distracted me from what was happening and helped me to overcome my emotions with creativity.

What’s your process like when planning out a piece?

Most of the time, I choose a photo or reference that speaks to me. I then start to sketch, put the lineart for about a week or so and after, begin to start the base color and shading. It usually takes up to three or four weeks, but some can take a few hours!

What or who do you pull inspiration from for your artwork?

When I do my artwork, I like to scroll through twitter and look at work by artists such as Mikey (@starboypatty) or Madi (@aureums). They inspire me to get my work done and not let the judgement tear me down.

Patty Walters of As It Is

Media: Digital on sketchbook

Time spent: 3 weeks

This was inspired after seeing them in concert on February 1st, 2019 for my birthday. The band has changed my life and I wanted to honor them for all they have done for me.

Colleen Kelly (aka @colliscool)

Media: Digital art on sketchbook

Time spent: 4 weeks

Coll is basically another me, and I wanted to put that emotion into this painting. She has inspired me to be myself and not to change for other people.