Ashton Irwin releases "Have U Found What Ur Looking For"

Ashton Irwin released his 2nd single from his upcoming album, called "Have U Found What Ur Looking For!"

The track explodes with a powerful rock style as Irwin yells his hopeless thoughts, fighting with himself in his mind. It has raw lyrics with the intention that asks the listener if they've found what they love to do, their passion.

"So this is where it all began. The whole idea of actually, potentially, making a record with Matt Pauling. I don’t know what the date was, I’m gonna try and find the voice memo I made. But, I was freshly working away on Pro Tools, fumbling my way around recording demos and getting excited that they were sounding a little better every time. Matt came down to my studio and we got chatting about the vibe I was into musically at that point in time and what I was thinking some of my demos were starting to sound like. He played the HUFWULF? chords. My mind instantly went to imagining footage of the band U2 playing in Italy to 80,000 people. I told Matt I wanted an awesome tempo that was reminiscent of The Verve’s, “Bitter Sweet Symphony” with the sonic edge of the band I love called Failure. (LOOK EM UP!)  In terms of developing a concept, at the time I just felt like the whole world had changed and the constructs of our everyday lives socially, economically etc, had shifted juristically. The question arose in my mind… when we have all worked so hard for so long with no break like this before, what was I hoping to get out of all the hours I put in working on music and meetings, the people I used to socialize with, my relations with alcohol, my work ethic when the band and I promoted our music. Why? Why’d we do it all? The simplicity of the statement “have you found what you’re looking for?” seemed like a beacon of light! It was the overarching question. Why do we do what we do in our everyday lives and what are we really hoping to attain? The verses play “tug of war” with depression and the way it ruins all motivation and makes the mind incredibly foggy and hard to focus (for me). This song lyrically is me literally fighting the resistance to NOT make an album, NOT be my truest self, NOT write lyrics or make new songs. The resistance that we all deal with every day. Do I or don’t I work out? Do I try harder? Do I choose to love rather than hate?  This song explores resistance and overcoming it. In doing so, you will find everything you ever wanted on the other side of fear!  So yeah, have you found what you’re looking for? 

Love u! Ai"