Bearings New Song “Sway”

If you were looking to feel nostalgic about what once was and that means the early 2000’s music scene then “Sway” by Bearings is everything that you’ll ever need. With the color scheme coming straight from the 90’s and the sounding from the 2000’s, it creates one big nostalgic deja-vu of the good times. Bearings released their third song off of their sophomore album titled Hello, It’s You which is due out on November 20, 2020. The first two songs that were released were “So Damn Wrong” and “I Feel It All” which both contained the melodic soundings of current pop punk but the moment “Sway” was released that changed. Early Blink 182, Bowling For Soup, and even The Click Five came into play. The chorus makes it feel as though you’re in a coming of age movie where the main character is relocating to the west coast or even a high school party where Bearings is the special guest performing on an acrylic glass hovering over the pool. There are many scenarios in which you can picture an early 2000’s version of yourself being enthralled when the chorus hits and that's what makes the song. This song is a definite hit and one that everyone should check out.  

Photo by: Brandon Dacosta

Releasing music during the current global pandemic is tricky but also something that everybody needs when music is your safe place especially in this time of uncertainty. So, if you’re blasting this song in your car, through your headphones, or even on your tv you’re able to lose yourself in the now and go back to the then. Bearings created a moment in time that made everyone relish in some of music's finest times. Sophomore albums can be a hit or miss and with what Bearings has put out so far, it will be a definite hit and when the world is pieced back together, all of these songs will resonate that much more in a live setting. 

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