Blue in the Dark Celebration

The light from the moon shadowed over the sign of Chain Reaction where inside there was a band about to celebrate the one year anniversary of their debut album. The stage was set for four different bands to play and liven up the sold out room full of strangers that came together for one sole purpose; to celebrate Blue in the Dark. The lineup was: Stickup Kid, Forever Came Calling, In Her Own Words and Bearings. The first three bands did everything they could to make the room as lively as possible. Between the bodies flying from those who stage dove to band mates leaving everything they had on stage, the beginning of the night became everything and anything a person could imagine. Sweat dripped off faces and stained t-shirts. Smiles etched onto those beyond happy to be apart of something greater than themselves at that moment in time. As the night progressed and the crowd got rowdier, it felt like the seconds were counting down. In Her Own Words had just played their last song and the stage was empty for a quick second. Bearings was on stage, prepping their gear and sound for what was about to be one of the most memorable moments within their career.

Shortly thereafter, Mike pressed play for one last song before the band came on stage. The song was Ransom by Lil Tecca, which we all know was meant purely as Dougie's hype song. Everyone then left the stage and the lights went down. Shadows illuminated on the side stage door from the band waiting to go on. Dougie Cousins (lead singer), Ryan Culligan (lead guitar/vocals), Mike McKerracher (drums), Collin Hanes (bass), and Ryan Fitz (guitar) came on stage and once they did the room came to life and every ounce of outside worries and stress were immediately washed away. The show started with their high energy song called "Where You Are" followed by my personal favorite called "Stuck in a Doorframe". More bodies flew from throughout the crowd as well as side stage. The intensity driven throughout the room was everything that could have been expected through such high tempo songs and energy given from the band. The set flowed seamlessly and effortlessly and would come to a halt when sound got mixed up just as their song "Eyes Closed" was about to begin. In an instant everything was back together and once again slow down with their song "Tide". Everyone left the stage except Dougie and with him was an acoustic guitar. Throwing everything for a loop the room went quiet to hear him play and then we all ended up singing along. A moment in which could seem so effortless brought forth raw emotion, though not shown but heard through his talent. The song came to a close and they played what was supposed to be their last song, "North Hansen" but after walking off stage it was clear that one more would be played. "Petrichor" had become their encore and the line ‘Nothing Here Is Permanent’ bounced throughout the room in a way not heard but seen and felt. Bearings celebrated their debut album Blue in the Dark and with it they brought forth songs off of their second EP Nothing Here Is Permanent. It was a night that was meant to be unforgettable and the way that the show was executed by the band, they showcased their ability to leave a room full of people wanting the night to go on.

If you’re interested in seeing Bearings live they’ll be one of the openers on the Pride & Disastour with Sleep On It starting February 28, 2020. To get tickets go to

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