Broadside releases ‘Into the Raging Sea’

Feelings of loneliness and fears of inadequacies happen to everyone, but what happens when a celebrity faces these issues? We like to think our idols are above it all, immune to horrors of isolation and sorrow, but we often neglect the very real people behind our favorite songs. Broadside’s Oliver Baxxter eloquently catalogs every feeling of love and desperation and hopelessness for listeners to feel right down to their bones in their new album Into the Raging Sea.

Within a minute of the first track, Baxxter displays all of his insecurities for the audience to see. The heartbreaking words “If I sang the right words, would you decide to stay? / Please, stay” spill from his mouth, as if he’s begging for a sign of affirmation. The first track continues to cover his need to be needed and wanted, as well as his fears of losing everything he’s built. The album is full of poppier tracks as well, like Foolish Believer and Overdramatic, that bring a lighter, more boppy, sound under words of heavy meaning. The album closes with an emotional ballad, seeming to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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