Broadside Releases Two New Singles 'King Of Nothing' and 'Empty' - Review

2 years after dropping their sophomore album 'Paradise', Broadside is back with 2 new singles!  After much teasing, on May 15th,2019, Virginia based pop-punk band Broadside released 'King Of Nothing' and 'Empty' which are the first two songs to kick off the new era for the band and to give fans a taste of what to expect from what we can only assume is a new album.

     'King Of Nothing' opens with a distorted guitar which reminds me slightly of the bands' other song 'Laps Around a Picture Frame' which was my previous favorite Broadside song, so I knew I was going to absolutely fall in love with this song just from the first few chords. 'King Of Nothing' has that classic Broadside sound that we all love which fits perfectly for a song like this. From a soft tempo pre-chorus that bursts into a loud, powerful chorus and a bridge that has hints of Baxxter in it (lead singer Oliver Baxxter's solo side project), this will definitely be a fan favorite for sure. The lyric "paradise of bones" a clear call back to the bands previous two records, 'Old Bones' and 'Paradise'. 'King Of Nothing' will without a doubt become one of the bands biggest songs! Mark my words. A very upbeat/jumpy song with deep meaningful lyrics, I wouldn't expect anything less from Broadside.

     'Empty' is the second of the two singles. With an intro that makes you happy just by hearing those first few notes, 'Empty' is definitely a summer song. If you want a song that you can blast with your windows down on a cool summer's night, this is the song for you! I can already envision the crowd jumping along to the chorus during live performances. 'Empty' in my opinion is actually way different from past work Broadside has released but it still fits with the band's overall tone. Oliver Baxxter's distinct vocals are what make Broadside stand out from other bands in the scene. I could see 'Empty' as a part of a movie montage, the little instrumental right after the final chorus gives off the classic "main character falls in love in the summertime, they spend time together, and then share a kiss with the sun setting behind them." For me, I LOVE songs where I can imagine what a music video may look like and hearing other fan's opinions on how they picture it because I love seeing how others interpret music. Because as we all know, music can have multiple meanings depending on who's listening.

     Overall, Broadside surprised us all with these new singles and I have no doubt in my mind that these songs are going to be a part of many summer playlists! To hear more from Broadside or to stream 'King Of Nothing' and 'Empty' for yourself, you can stream them from where ever you like to stream your music from. Also, be sure to catch Broadside on tour this summer with Emarosa and Lizzy Farrall supporting Set It Off!

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