Bryce Vine releases "Problems" EP!

Bryce Hall released his "Problems" EP today!

Bryce was getting ready for another packed summer of touring & festivals, but lockdown hit. It was the first time in three years that Bryce was home for more than a week straight, without a show or a plan on the horizon. He grabbed his guitar, sat down in his tiny bedroom, and let every feeling flow out into the Problems EP. He’s pieced together eloquent observations, delicate instrumentation, catchy confessions, and an emotionally charged delivery that we haven’t really heard from Bryce on his more radio-ready hits.

He shows his diverse style through this EP and there is a song for everyone, no matter your music taste. This is the perfect EP for soaking in the summer sun and relaxing!

“Life Goes On” came out last week, which was Bryce’s reaction to Kobe Bryant’s passing, realizing just how fragile this thing called life is, no matter how great of a person you are. Listen here: