Chase Atlantic: "Don’t Try This" EP Review

By Makayla Harr 1.26.19.

Photo Credit: Ryan Watanabe

On January 25th, 2019, Australian-based band, Chase Atlantic, dropped their first release of the year with the EP, Don’t Try This. The band prides itself on lacking a genre, combining rock with R&B, hip hop, and jazz synth, as well as being completely self produced. They’ve grown tremendously over the years and have managed to find their sound and gain many fans since they started out.


Given the name ‘Cocaine Stains’ by fans, this song was heavily anticipated and managed to exceed expectations. It acts as a smooth introduction to Don’t Try This with an upbeat backing track. Many teasers for this song included an elusive Instagram video from lead singer, Mitchel Cave, as well as a ‘seven headed snake’ hoodie being sold during Warped Tour 2018. With all the hype, this song more than lived up to it.


This song was the first song released back in October of 2018. It differs from every other song on the track listing in that it’s a slower paced song. Mitchel Cave’s voice flows softly with the trance-like saxophone in the background. Cave and guitarist, Christian Anthony sing of a broken relationship whilst the instruments accentuate the story they’re telling.


Dubbed ‘Rockstar’ before it dropped, this single was played by the bandon their world tour before it was officially announced part of the track listing. As the second release from this EP, it’s on the opposite side of the spectrum from YOU TOO.

Faster paced with a catchy chorus, “Take drugs, stay high”, this has become a fan favorite.


Before this EP was even released, this track was already my favorite. The band used it as an interlude on their world tour and it offered a sneak peek into what was to come. It also signaled the beginning of a new era for the band. This song is similar to their songs ‘Okay’ and ‘The Walls’ in the aspect that it has an energetic sound. I always listen to this song when I just feel like screaming the words to music!


This song without a doubt, makes you want to dance! It has a heavy beat paired with Cave’s fluid rap. It’s the perfect mixture of Chase Atlantic’s past slower paced songs with their new use of rap verses. If you’re looking to just have a good time and and dance with your friends, this song is the perfect match.


Out of every song on this EP, this song in particular stuck out the most to me. Lust is different than any other song the band has ever made with Mitchel’s raw vocals, flooded with emotion. Cave yells the lyrics “Fuck love, we can do this shit forever if it’s love”, creating a breathy heart wrenching feeling within the tones of the song.

Although each song has a different feeling, they all come together to form the Don’t Try This EP. It’s without a doubt my favorite EP they’ve ever dropped and the band has developed a new sound that fans have never heard before. If you’re looking for music to listen to when you just feel like letting loose and forgetting about all of your worries, this EP is perfect for you!

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