Concert Review: Andy Black at the Gramercy Theatre in NY

By Sarah Rodriguez

Andy Black with Kulick & The Faim at the Gramercy Theatre in NY May 1, 2019

Photos of Kulick & The Faim!

The show that was put on between these three artists was a perfectly eclectic variety of music. Starting off the show was Kulick, a band with powerfully fronted vocals and danceable tunes. The group began the night with several upbeat, catchy songs, followed by some slower acoustic songs that displayed the band’s diversity in their discography. April Rose, (vocals and keyboard) complimented Jacob Kulick’s lead vocals very nicely with her harmonies and their predominantly bass and keyboard fronted songs got the crowd lively for the next acts. Up next was a band called The Faim, who brought the most insane energy to the tour. They got the whole audience jumping along to their impressive songs and Josh Raven, lead vocalist, even had a pride flag propped up on his mic stand to show their support. Towards the end of their set, Josh jumped off the stage and ran around to the back of the crowd, where he made his way to the middle of the pit to dance with everyone. The crowd reacted amazingly and The Faim left the stage with great amounts of cheers and applause. Last but not least, the widely loved singer from Black Veil Brides walked onto the stage: Andy Black. He began the show with many flashing lights and projections on the large “AB” backdrop on the stage and started off the night with “Ribcage”. You could feel the excited energy in the room when he was performing, and his in-between-song talks with the crowd felt so casual and intimate. Andy played some songs off of his new album, Ghost of Ohio, with effortless vocals and incredible stage presence. Overall the night was a huge success, with an amazing group of bands on the lineup. I can’t wait to catch all of them in NYC again!

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