Concert Review: Bad Suns

Review & Photos By Sarah Rodriguez


Check out Bad Suns and Carlie in our May issue!:

The Mystic Truth Tour was a tour to remember. Carlie Hanson began the show with a bang, with her contagious energy and positive vibes. In between songs, Carlie looked out into the crowd in awe and made sure everyone in the room felt special and welcome. The inclusive and warm environment that Carlie created that evening was incredible, and her outgoing personality shined through when she performed. Bad Suns greeted their loving fans with their lovely presence and started off the night with a new track called “Away We Go.” Bad Suns’ fan base is truly somethin’ special. You can tell as soon as the lights went down in the venue that there was no other place to be. From mellow, soft tunes such as Off She Goes, to the classic singles like Cardiac Arrest, the crowd was constantly singing along with pride. Christo, the front man of the band, explained how they struggled to write their newest album, so they came to New York City for inspiration. He continued to tell us how many of the new songs on Mystic Truth were crafted in this city, which resulted in the audience erupting in a loud cheer with pride. It’s not hard to tell that Bad Suns is such a genuine band who loves creating music and performing for their fans. Their ecstatic group of fans is so dedicated to their craft and it’s very heartwarming to see! I’m counting down the days until Bad Suns comes back to New York!