Concert Review: Cherry Pools in Tuscon, AZ

Review & Photos by Brynn Edwards

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The idiosyncratic alternative pop band Cherry Pools is currently on their Blutopia tour, and with every city they visit, fans are witnessing a performance unlike any that they have ever, or will ever see again. Delivering a live performance that is a very sincere message from the artist to the audience is a skill that any good musician has to master, and Cherry Pools’ lead singer Martin Broda has figured out how to make it look effortlessly natural. As if the stage’s atypical and extremely blue design wasn’t enough to capture a person's attention, this band has taken entertainment to an entirely new level through performance alone. Their show on March 15th at 191 Toole in Tucson, Arizona was a great reflection of what the guys are trying to convey through both their music, and concerts.

Broda makes it no secret on his social media that he is influenced by David Bowie, so the band opening and finishing with a mashup of Bowie’s “Life on Mars?” and Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” was almost expected, but still had the audience pleasantly surprised. More covers throughout the show included Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” and Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Although Cherry Pools doesn’t have very many songs released, only their 2018 EP Less Religion More Sex with 6 songs on it, they have manipulated those many covers into their set list and made them their own. Pulling in an audience with somebody else’s music is sometimes more difficult than only playing your own discography, but the band’s ability to do exactly that is hugely admirable.

If Cherry Pools is coming to a city near you, it’s absolutely worth the trip to see them. While the band is still on their Blutopia tour, any opportunity to see a live show is an experience that won’t be forgotten. As for their future, it’s hard to speak beyond this tour just yet. However, it’s unlikely that any future tours will be any less enjoyable or unique, as Broda’s distinctive personality couldn’t possibly allow anything boring, and Cherry Pools as a whole certainly exhibits that.

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