Concert Review: HALFNOISE in Brooklyn, NY

Review & Photos By Sean Gardner

Check out photos from the show!:

HALFNOISE is the side project of the legendary drummer of Paramore, Zac Farro. The music that he has worked on under that moniker has been nothing short of an artistic masterpiece. On March 29th, Zac brought the final installation of three HALFNOISE art and music shows to Brooklyn’s Market Hotel. The venue itself matched the overall feel of the show: underground and personal. The small room was jam packed with fans grooving to the wavy and ambient guitar tones of HALFNOISE.

Seeing the Paramore drummer perform outside of the context of the band, and in this very different, psychedelic group was truly a treat. His talent as not only a drummer, but also as a singer and frontman really shined through on that small stage, that night in Brooklyn. As Zac played though his set, alongside his group of incredibly proficient musicians, he periodically shifted from his centerstage spot, and put down his mic and tambourine, to a throne behind a second drum kit on stage to rock out on the instrumental interludes of their jam-style psych rock songs. Among their set of previously released songs from older eps released by the group, like “Flowers” and “As U Wave,” the band of course played their brand new single, “Who Could You Be.” The new single is short like a punk song, but plays like a seventies rock n roller, and is available on all musical platforms, and while there has not yet been an announcement of an extended release to come, whatever Zac follows it up with is sure to be absolute good vibes only.

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