Concert Review: The Mowgli's in New York

Review & Photos By Sean Gardner


California Indie-rock ensemble, The Mowgli’s, are an absolutely incredible live band. They really bring their own unique and electrifying energy to the stage. On March 28th 2019, they brought that energy to Brooklyn, as part of the Making Friends Tour with brooklyn natives, Jukebox The Ghost, who’s own energy quite perfectly compliments that The Mowgli’s. With Twin XL as opening up the night, the show was nothing but good vibes from start to finish.

It was apparent from the crowd’s non-stop dancing that they had just as much fun as the band did on stage, and The Mowgli's definitely had a lot of fun on stage. They opened with “Say It, Just Say It” from their first album, a perfect nostalgic jam to get the crowd excited, and followed with “Whatever Forever.” During the fourth song in the set, “Talk About It,” the band all switched instruments; everyone was playing a different instrument then they had started with, Colin, the vocalist, was groovin’ on the drums, while the keyboardist and bassist played guitar and the guitarist played bass. All while Kate, the other vocalist kept on singing the hook. The whole switcheroo was a perfect picture of the dynamic of the band; watching it, you could really tell that they all genuinely love playing music together, and that kind of energy most certainly radiates to the fans.

After they switched back to their respective instruments, the rest of the set consisted of the hits from each of their albums and EPs with all of the songs from their latest release, American Feelings shuffled into it. Songs like “I’m Good,” “Kansas City,” and “Bad Thing” were among those included. Midway through Where’d The Weekend Go?’s anthem, “Alone Sometimes,” they transitioned it into another iconic anthem by Jimmy Eat World, The Middle.

After closing with “San Francisco” and saying goodnight to the fans, Jukebox the Ghost played their set, which was amazing as well. But during their encore set, the guys in Jukebox welcomed all of the Mowgli’s onstage with them to play the Queen classic, “We Are The Champions.” Together, the two bands rocked out, and truly showed what the Making Friends tour was all about: a sense of togetherness and unity through music.

The Mowgli’s alongside their friends in Jukebox the Ghost, really know how to curate an unforgettable show, and overall just spread positive energy. They are a must-see live band. Their latest EP, American Feelings is available on all music platforms and is 100% worth listening to and jamming out to.

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