Concert Review: New Found Glory at Playstation Theater in NY


From The Screen, to Your Stereo, to New York CIty. On June 11th, New Found Glory made their cinematic to Midtown’s Playstation Theater, complete with costume changes, popcorn, and a stacked lineup. Alongside their friends in Real Friends, The Early November, and Dollskin, New Found Glory rocked out with a 22 song setlist of pure raw pop punk with a very theatrical twist.

To celebrate the release of their third album of movie soundtrack covers, New Found Glory spiced up their set of NFG classics, with some super-fun covers, and an entire movie theater theme. The stage had a red carpet leading up to the drum kit, a pop-corn machine (which was used to cook and distribute hot buttery popcorn to the crowd midway through), movie theater marquees, and last but certainly not least, a plethora of costumes.

To open the show, lead vocalist Jordan stormed the stage in a boxing robe with boxing gloves on to play the famous Rocky Theme song, “Eye Of The Tiger,” followed by “Understatement,” and your jokes aren’t funny anymore. They played covers of cups (You're gonna miss me when I'm gone), from Pitch Perfect, “King of Wishful Thinking,” from Pretty Woman, “Kiss Me,” from Dawson’s Creek. Additionally, during “Let It Go,” from Frozen, Jordan donned a Dress and wig inspired by the film’s character Elsa. And during the encore set, the band played “The Power of Love” from Back to the Future, with Jordan dressed like Marty McFly. Along with those amped up covers of cheesy movie themes, the band played many of their fan favorites, like Truth of my youth, Hit or Miss, all downhill from here and My friends over you. The 22 song setlist was a truly incredible performance.

The guys in New Found Glory really know a thing or two about putting on the greatest show (which they also played a song from wearing costumes from the movie!), with an immersive theme and killer setlist, with support from their good friends in the bands they tour with. All together a New Found Glory show, especially one on this tour, is a really unique show full of surprises and fun twists. Their New EP of movie covers, From the Screen To Your Stereo part 3 is available now wherever you get your music from, and It seems like they have new music coming soon as they announced that they have an album planned for 2020, so keep an eye out for that as well. In the meantime, if you can, catch them on the last few dates of the From Screen To Your Stereo To Your Town tour.

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