Concert Review: New Years Day in Tuscon, AZ at Club XS

By Brynn Edwards


New Years Day is currently on their “Unbreakable” tour, and I got the chance to attend night five in Tucson, Arizona.

This particular tour is the band’s very first headlining tour, but you would never be able to tell due to the phenomenal performance they put on. Frontwoman Ash Costello acts as a conductor to the audience, which is something she does very well. Her ability to grasp the attention of everyone in the room is impressive. Whether she is telling a story that leads into a song, singing with her powerful vocals, or just messing around and joking with the crowd, being at a New Years Day show is guaranteed entertainment for the entirety of their set.

The rest of the band orbit around her. Guitarists Austin Ingerman and Nikki Misery add another layer of mystery to the aesthetic they have built between each of their individual styles, and bassist Frankie Sil completes the group’s looks and rhythm. The way they collectively perform on stage has a stunning flow, making the show beyond enjoyable.

Some of the concert was spent discussing difficult topics, all of which were delivered with a ridiculous amount of love and sensitivity. New Years Day’s music is filled with a lot of heart, and is used to convey important messages about struggles many people go through in life. It was refreshing to see that their live performance extended that mindset. There aren’t many other bands who are able to make a venue feel so warm and loving like NYD does.

As mentioned before, Ash’s ability to interact with an audience is so sincere and inviting. During the show, the two guitarists and Ash joined the crowd on the floor while continuing to play and sing. I would say I wasn’t surprised at the extent they went to making the crowd feel even more whole, but it’s not often three members of a band join the attendees in the pit without a stage dive.

All of that being said, I enjoyed the show more than I ever thought possible, and New Years Day is exceptional at what they do. They deliver a special performance, make incredible music, and interact with their fans above and beyond what most bands would. Seeing a woman as talented and accomplished as Ash go on stage and rock out is one of the most inspiring things a young person could experience.

There are many dates left on the “Unbreakable” Tour; I highly recommend making it out to one if you are able to, especially for the type of people who love going to shows that they are promised to leave with a new outlook on life, or newfound inspiration.