Concert Review: Say Yes Dog in Cologne, Germany

Review & Photos By Jana Vollmer


Band: Say Yes Dog

Location: Cologne, Germany

Venue: Baumann & SOHN

Say Yes Dog are a synth-pop band trio from Germany and Luxembourg. After not hearing from them since the release of their debut Album "Plastic Love" in 2015 they finally made a comeback with a new single called "Deep Space".

They toured through Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland with a good mix of old and new, unreleased music. Hearing the new songs made me super excited for new releases.

Their catchy, synth beats make you want to finish your Riesling asap to get on the dancefloor and dance. A highlight was hearing their song "A Friend" live which I have been listening to since high school. It makes you want to close your eyes and enjoy the beat while being send to space with discotheque like light effects and lots of artificial fog.

It was a really chill night and I hope for the band to get some attention by my fellow friends from across the pond ;-)

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