Concert Review: Twenty One Pilots at the Forum in LA

By Yising Kao 11.12.18.

Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots. Photo by Yising Kao:

Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots. Photo by Yising Kao:

I went to Twenty One Pilots' concert at the Forum in Los Angeles for their Bandito tour on November 10, and it was PHENOMENAL. Tyler and Joseph opened up with Jumpsuit with a car that was on fire on stage. I was blown away by their production. To get to the B stage, a bridge was lowered over the crowd and the visuals were so stunning. At one point, Josh let the pit hold his drumkit while he played, and it was awesome seeing him so up close!! I definitely almost passed out Tyler and Josh closed the show with Trees, which is their tradition, and it made me cry because it's one of my favorites and means a lot to me. I survived the wild pit and it was so worth it!! I had a lot of fun and their music is incredibly unique and meaningful. Can't wait for next time (hopefully they'll play Chlorine)!!

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