Concert Review: Waterparks on ONE OK ROCK's Eye Of The Storm Tour

Review by Yara Al-Badri, Photos by Yising Kao

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Tour...possibly the best thing to happen to any fan/music geek. Recently, Waterparks had given their fans a taste of that excitement as they joined One Ok Rock on the Eye Of The Storm tour, the lineup consisting of Stand Atlantic, Waterparks and of course, One Ok Rock, an intriguing group to put together but we were all particularly excited to see how the different crowds mix. Waterparks jump-started their set with “Mad All The Time” off of their 2016 EP Cluster; Their set resulted in eleven songs total, a healthy mix of older songs from Cluster and their debut album Double Dare. Throwing in a good dose from their sophomore album Entertainment, they not only gave their fans a hint of nostalgia but also had the ability to expose a fanbase who may not have ever heard of Waterparks, a taste of what they have to offer. That exposure and difference in interests is what made this tour so special, bonding with One Ok Rock's fan base, especially with their older fans. There’s something special about pitting to “TANTRUM” with a couple older than your parents. This tour was definitely one to be remembered, especially with the fun debuts of new hair colors, samples of new songs, and incredible friends I met. With that, we closed the curtains to the Eye Of The Storm tour; Thank you to Stand Atlantic, Waterparks and One Ok Rock for the experience.

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