Concert Review: YUNGBLUD at the Echo LA

By Yising Kao


Photo by Yising Kao

I saw YUNGBLUD for the first time at the Echo in LA for his 21st Century Liability tour and it was phenomenal!! Dominic is one of the most energetic performers I've ever seen. I love the way he expresses himself on stage through his quirky dance moves and interacting with the audience. The audience was so hyped-everyone was jumping and screaming out the lyrics and it was incredibly fun. His music is extremely powerful and I felt the emotion and passion through his performance. Plus, he has the best facial expressions and such a unique personality; you can tell he's having as much fun on stage as his fans are. I really admire YUNGBLUD's lyrics and how meaningful and personal they are. Also, Dominic's very sweet-he stayed after the show to meet all his fans. This was one of the best concerts I've been to and I'm happy I got to shoot photos! You know it's a good show when you lose your voice and can't move. Can't wait for his next show already :)

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