Concert Review: William Fitzsimmons at City Winery NY

By Sean Gardner 1.9.19.

William Fitzsimmons at City Winery in New York, NY 1/5/19

Photos by Sean Gardner:

On Saturday, January 5th, folk icon William Fitzsimmons kicked off his intimate tour in New York City, playing at the City Winery. According to his Spotify bio, he is the “greatest whisper rocker of all time” and he proved that to be true in his live set, composed mostly of songs from his latest album Mission Bell along with some of his older classics and cover of the Tom Petty hit, “Learning to Fly.” His soft voice matches his gorgeous guitar playing perfectly. For the entirety of his set, he had Adam Landry, the producer of his newest album, joining him to play accompanying lead guitar parts, which beautifully paired with the parts he played himself. During the last two songs of the set, which were “I Don't Feel it Anymore” and “Learning to Fly,” he welcomed to the stage New Jersey singer-songwriter, Allie Moss, who sang harmony parts on the two songs. The setlist was great, and left fans wanting more, and William’s stage banter between songs had the whole crowd laughing along to his tongue in cheek, sad boy sarcasm. “I bet you think the next song is gonna be more upbeat; it’s not,” he claimed as he went on to play more signature, soft and sad acoustic tunes. To once again quote his Spotify bio, simply because it captures his essence so well, “if you’ve seen him live, well you’ve seen him live. So, good for you-why are you bragging about it? If you haven’t, well maybe you should?” That puts it into words perfectly, because it was a great show, from start to finish, including his amazing support act, which for the New York show was Rose Cousins, and varies for the rest of the tour. His new album Mission Bell was released last month and is available on all music platforms and is definitely worth a listen for sad fans of folk music. He is currently on a cross country tour of the United States, so if you have the chance to check out his show, it will definitely be an evening to remember.

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