• Brooke Vokoun

Dualtone Records announces "Amerikinda: 20 Years of Dualtone"

In honor of hitting their 20th anniversary of helping artists create music, Dualtone Records has announced a collaborative album set to release on August 6, Amerikinda: 20 Years of Dualtone. The album features different indie, folk, and alternative musicians signed to the record label, all covering each other's songs. Some of these musicians include Mt. Joy, The Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Wild Child, Radney Foster, Drew Holcomb, and more!

As a teaser for the release, both The Lumineers and Gregory Alan Isakov released covers of each other's song. In the midst of their release for each cover, both The Lumineers and Isakov mentioned their past touring with each other, as well as, their "longtime friendship." They went toured together back in 2013, and have since then, released multiple albums and singles through the record label.

The Lumineers covered the song, "Caves," by Gregory Alan Isakov, and did a beautiful job embodying the mysterious and nostalgic feeling Isakov creates throughout his music. The Lumineers also took to Instagram, and announced they were finishing up album number four, which they are planning on touring in 2022. Gregory Alan Isakov covered "Salt And the Sea," by The Lumineers. In this stripped and melodically advanced cover, Isakov is able to emphasize the haunting and chilling feeling of the lyrics.

Amerikinda is set to be a really vibrant and interesting mix of collaborating musicians. The album will no doubt, be very popular within the folk/indie/alternative community, and will be highlighting the success Dualtone Records has had over the years in helping and working with artists to create engaging and refreshing music!