EP Review: I'm Sorry I Love You by Alexander 23

Photo credit: Alexander 23/Interscope Records

Alexander 23 recently released his first EP called I’m Sorry I Love You through Interscope Records! Ever since I watched him open up for Alec Benjamin’s tour earlier this year, I’ve been captivated by all his songs. My favorite song is “Mars,” which is about putting all your effort into a relationship, yet the other person is still not satisfied and wants even more from you. Alexander’s songwriting is raw and real, and he uses unique electronic sounds that create a calming vibe with his acoustic style. For example, his first single, “Dirty AF1s” has a steady beeping sound but it allows you to focus on his lyrics and melancholic voice. “When I Die” expresses the dark topic of death, yet shines it in an optimistic light through the lyrics “I hope that people are sad when I die but that I don’t die for a long time.” Through beautiful harmonies and enchanting lyrics, this EP takes you through the mind of a heartbroken yet hopeful romantic with its soothing aesthetic. Every song is different and even though they’re mostly sad, you can still jam out to them or play them as a soundtrack to those times when you just need to cry. I recommend this EP to any music lover, and look forward to Alexander 23’s upcoming projects!

Photo credit: Yising Kao