Filmmaker Spotlight: Sarah Hamilton of YouTube Series L.A. Mermaids

Article by Sarah Hamilton

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I have always been a mermaid enthusiast and someone who likes to create, collaborate, and inspire others while having a ton of fun in the process. The summer before my senior year of college, right after filming my junior thesis film, I reached out with the idea of filming some sort of summer mermaid project, and several friends were interested in making it happen. It was always meant to be a fun opportunity for anyone to get involved however they wanted to. This web series has showed me how much I love creating and telling stories while collaborating with others. Whenever someone joins the project, I ask them how they want to be involved and what their schedule is so that I can accommodate for it. Especially with the actors, I make certain that everybody has a say in what kind of character they want to be. There aren’t often opportunities to really create the experiences we want, which exactly why I aim to create those experiences.

Sarah Hamilton, Filmmaker & Creator of L.A. Mermaids

The show really took off and was such an incredible time to film. I edited over the next few months and posted the first season (even with French subtitles!) in early 2019. Since then, the show got recognized as the cover story for the Playa Vista Direct magazine, has a growing audience on YouTube, and a fanbase still asking about season two! The plans for the show have changed a ton and it's been very challenging scheduling around cast and reworking the script to make sense of every change along the way. I'm just about done with filming season two (which is going to be AMAZING and I cannot wait to share it!) and I'm still working in new scenes and additional content for social media. I grew up inspired by mermaid entertainment like Aquamarine (film), H2O Just Add Water (television show), and The Tail of Emily Windsnap (book). Everybody loves the idea of magic. There aren't many mermaid shows, but there is a large audience for it. Creating a show that puts a unique spin on mermaids is something I was incredibly inspired to make happen.

LA Mermaids as an original web series on YouTube ( about a group of mermaids that wash up on the shores of LA to explore the forbidden land above the sea, while stereotypes are broken, relationships are made, and the line between fiction and fairytale is blurred.

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