Harper Finn releases "Dance Away These Days"

Harper Finn released his new song "Dance Away These Days" along with a music video!

While society moves at a more introverted pace through our dependency on social media to ‘connect’, community is stronger than ever. Tie this in with an undeniable melody (a memorable guide for the lyric), instrumentation and ‘the message’, and you are left with an everlasting snapshot of human history.

New Zealand singer-songwriter, Harper Finn grew up listening to a wide variety of music, inspired by the eclectic tastes of his parents, which included everyone from Serge Gainsbourg, Kate Bush to The Clash, The Zombies and Jungle Brothers. Working nights at a local venue in Auckland’s downtown, he was exposed to the powerful connection between music and youth culture, watching bands like post-punk gamechangers IDLES and pop megastar Billie Eilish perform to passionate, sweaty crowds of fans. Most fittingly perhaps, was that his first solo show took place on that very stage.

Harper’s music is an ode to the coming of age; reflections on his life, on others’ lives, as observations of modern love, youth and young adulthood. As we grow older, move further away from our salad days, the various snapshots that make up our lives make more sense. Music can be the warm, connective tissue between our past and present, as we reflect on where we were, what we were doing, and who we were at the time. For a while, as we sing in unison, we are brought together in perfect harmony. In that moment, the past reaches out and unites us by song. It is the undeniable power of music and collective consciousness.

As you will find, Harper’s songbook is like biting into a pie and discovering delicious, unusual notes as the flavours set in - like all precious and mysterious things.