Headspace Release New Single, "Maybe Mae"

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Arizona based pop-punk band, Headspace, released their new song titled Maybe Mae on July 1st 2020. The single is Headspace's first release in 2020 and it follows the release of their EP, Lonely Ghosts that came out in December of 2019. The band has also had the opportunity to share the stage with bands such as With Confidence and Calling All Captains

The band had help from Blake Roses, AKA Dazy Face Music, as well as Austin Parker Jones, singer/songwriter and member of New Heat, to bring the single to life. Roses also worked with the trio on their Lonely Ghosts EP. The song has a super catchy chorus and gives off great summer vibes that makes you want to jump around and scream the words out loud. It's a perfect song for blasting in the car or for dancing around to in the comfort of your own home.

Lead-Vocalist, Derek Matzinger, shared some more insight about the song and how it came to be: "So, this song truthfully kinda just...came out, like we didn't have anything specific that made us write it. Thad sent me a rough guitar demo and asked my thoughts, I sent back notes on things I would like to add...he spent the next day working on it and then as soon as I got it, I instantly just got bouncy, happy, sunny, summery, beach vibes. I wrote about this girl who doesn't exist called 'Mae'. That was the line Thad wanted me to use, he had the lyrics, 'Maybe maybe Mae, baby, baby Mae" for me to work with, so I got rid of the second half and kept 'maybe Mae' and just continued to build a love story about a guy and a girl on the beach, with an unexpected love taking them by storm because, I mean... hey, vacation is the best thing ever am I right?" The band expressed how excited they are for this new song, so be sure to give it a listen! You can stream it on Spotify here:

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