Icon Blu release Debut Album!

Icon Blu (Niki and Kris) released their debut self-titled album as a new band! This album starts off with a powerful anthem called "Run Free" that will definitely make you smile with its carefree vibes. The duo's music is full of emotion and passion with their soulful voices and strong rhythms. Each song has its own unique and diverse style with detailed sounds. Make sure to stay tuned for more music!



Icon Blu's bio: "We are a music and artistic power duo who explore the vast realms of sound. We shift between each song to the next with a sense of unbridled happiness and melancholic remembrance. Life is really about feeling raw and real emotions. Letting the wind flow through beach sanded hair, feeling the rush of first love, crying into the deep for exceptional and exhausting loss, all of these are part of our experience; that is what Icon Blu is. It is all of our experience manifested into music."

Icon Blu by Yising Kao