Concert Review: IDK How's Secret LA Show

By Yising Kao 10.17.18

Photos from the show! Credit: Yising Kao:

IDK How But They Found Me had a secret show in Los Angeles last night and played some new songs from their upcoming EP 1981 Extended Play!! It was so much fun and they were extraordinary. They started the show in such a unique way-Dallon Weekes tapped me on the shoulder from behind and we stood in a circle in the crowd. He asked us to tap our feet and clap in a rhythm and he started singing Nobody Likes The Opening Band with someone in a ghost costume, while Ryan Seaman banged on his drums on stage. Dallon walked up on stage and they continued performing; it was a really fun way to start the show. After they performed one of their singles, Choke, Dallon took a sip of his water and actually choked and said "that was part of the act!" It was so funny. Also, throughout the show, the ghost was casually in the audience haha. They're one of my favorite bands and I'm glad I got to see them again and shoot photos at the show! Look out for their EP because it's amazing, and they're going on tour with Waterparks next month so grab your tickets!