Idle Wave releases "Wolves"

Photo by Sean Gardner

Stream “Wolves”, and the rest of Idle Wave’s current discography now!

Asbury Park Emo act, Idle Wave, proves they are not to be slept on, with the release of their latest single, “Wolves”. The track opens with a punchy beat that just makes you wanna dance, paired with front bottoms-esque guitars that really hook you in to these eerily thought provoking and relatable lyrics.

On the track, Guy Battaglia says:

"Wolves" is about losing people to corruption:

A ghost tempting you with the same evils that they possess...

It's worrying that you'll fall into their footsteps if you don't escape the cycle...

This sparks the question; are we destined to corruption by the same evils that we have already fallen victim to?

Initially, like Wolves, we are a byproduct of our environment. The people that we surround ourselves with (accompanied by their actions) heavily impacts who we are...”

Every time I see that Idle Wave announce the release of new music, I always get excited because they never fail to deliver great, diverse tunes. This song is no different. It’s folksy and upbeat, all the while being solemn and real. In a recent Interview with Second Society Report, Guy mentioned that he is sitting on more songs than there are on their Spotify, which is a pretty dope thought. Idle Wave is a band that are definitely worth keeping an eye on, because if “wolves” is anything to go by, the music they've got coming your way is going to be killer. I highly recommend jamming through their available music on spotify to get amped for their future releases, and you can even do so in about 20 min.