Music Photographer Interview: Andy DeLuca

Interview with Andy DeLuca for Galaxy's Music Photography issue!:

New York, NY ★ @andydeluca

All photos by Andy DeLuca - Photo above: Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer

What inspired you to start doing photography and videography?

Music. I've been playing drums and guitar since I was a kid, started playing in my own bands when I was 13, was always at shows and was always very involved and interested in the music universe. Picked up a camera

one day and decided to explore it.

Your photos have a fun and creative 70s and 80s style-what or who inspires your style?

Most of my music-related photos are inspired by photos of artists that were big before I was born. There's a sense of mystery and untouchability behind it, and when I see photos of these artists, they add to that sense. And so I try and tap into it when I'm shooting. If a band is making music inspired by Nirvana, I'll try and make

photos inspired by Nirvana photos.

I admire how your portraits capture people’s emotions so well and each one has an experimental angle and aesthetic. How do you go about posing people? Do you try to plan out portraits through ideas you may have or do you usually shoot and then figure out what aesthetic you want to portray through editing?

If I'm doing anything that involves posing, I'll usually rely on basic elements like shapes and colors. Less is more.

What’s your favorite part about touring and what’s one important life skill that you’ve learned from your experiences?

Touring is an adventure. My favorite thing is you're essentially becoming a family with a group of people for a short period of time, experiencing cool things together.

What advice do you have for aspiring tour photographers and videographers?

Work harder than the rest.

5 Seconds of Summer


by Andy DeLuca


by Andy DeLuca