Interview: Between You & Me on Touring and Signing With Hopeless!

Interview by Mikayla Hadley, Photos by Yising Kao

BYAM is on the cover of our December 2019 issue!:

From Melbourne, Australia, Between You & Me is a pop-punk band with vocalist Jake Wilson, guitarists Chris Bowerman and Jai Gibson, drummer Jamey Bowerman, and bassist James Karagiozis (who goes by the nickname “Bassy”). They released their first 10-track album, Everything Is Temporary, through Hopeless Records in 2018. In October of 2019, the band dropped their Reimagined EP with two of their tracks, “Dakota” and “Famous,” in beautiful stripped-down versions. Over the years, Between You & Me has toured bands such as Neck Deep, With Confidence, and As It Is, growing a loyal fanbase.

Bassy: Hi, I’m the leader of the band.

Since this is your second time being over here in the states what are some of your hopes/expectations about how the tour is going to go from the last time around? Like, interactions and exploring and so forth.

Bassy: You’re on the spot Jim.

Jamey: No, no.

Jake: More crowd surfing. I fucking hope, there was only like 3 people last night. So, if you’re gonna do it tonight for us, that would be sick.

Bassy: And crowd surfing and not a song that isn’t Dakota.

Jake: It’s cool, we are playing to way more people that we were playing to last time. So, it’s cool to meet like a bunch of new fans and some of the old ones that uh have come out to the other shows as well.

Me, I’m the only one.

Jai: Hi.

I know it’s the beginning of tour, but since the last time you were here, what cities are you most excited to play and why? And what cities are you expected to get more hype than last year?

Jai: Yeah, I got this one. For me, it is going to be Chicago because last time I didn't play Chicago because I was stuck in Australia, on an island. Like a prisoner, so yeah, hopefully that’s going to be a cool show cause I know the Chicago scene is really big pop punk so..

Jamey: People like us over there.

Jai: Yeah, should be cool.

Jamey: Anyone else?

Jake: No, you pretty much summed it up.

Bassy: Yeah, Chicago because it will be actual guitar with us on the stage.

Anyone else?

Chris: Pretty much everywhere like I’m excited and everything.

Bassy: Liar.

Chris: Yeah, I just reckon the whole thing is going to be sick but some of the places that are on this tour that weren’t on last tour like what’s the new ones on this one?

Jake: We are playing 3 shows in Texas.

Chris: Yeah, like there is an extra show in Texas. Is it Houston? Houston and San Antonio which we didn’t play those places last time. We played Dallas last time, that’s when it rained. So, those ones would be sick and Montreal. Montreal, you get to go to the French border of Canada which will be cool.

Mikayla: See Bearings.

Chris: Yeah, the whole thing is going to be sick. Like we are all pretty pumped about it, I think.

What are some must haves you have to bring on tour, when you tour other countries besides your home?

Jake: Beer and beer.

Mikayla: JD!

Bassy: Didn’t even bring vegemite, I was gonna bring it.

Chris: Beer, coffee.

Bassy: Wet wipes.

Chris: Wet wipes.

Bassy: Disposable plates.

Jake: Sleeping bags.

Bassy: Plenty of clean underwear.

Jai: We normally have a bowl of some sort but this time it’s clearly not a tour essential because we don’t have one yet.

Chris: Gym pass.

Bassy: We can’t give away all of our secrets but a silent to the gym not for the gym. Also, if you have a bowl and a mason tool, bring us a bowl or a skateboard.

When talking about your fans, do you have any weird interactions that stick out or anything that has just never left your memory?

Jamey: OH! Yes, the guy in I think was North or South Carolina, it wasn’t a fan interaction but this guy just roller skates and you tell the whole story.

Bassy: He didn’t wake up! He was sleeping on his pickup truck and he didn’t know anyone and we had all just loaded out, and he was like, I’m pretty sure he was fucking drunk as fuck and he was like, I could jump over you guys in my roller skates so then, he said his roller skates were 3 grand and so me, Sam from ROAM and someone else, Collin from Bearings maybe?

Jake: I was laying down.

Bassy: Oh, so it must have been me. You and Sam were watching him skate towards us and he jumped over us and he nearly, I reckon he was about to die. He like nearly tripped on his face, but he landed it, he stuck the landing. I’m pretty sure the video is on the internet somewhere.

Yeah, I remember.

Jamey: I remember laughing our asses off and we look away and turn around and he’s pissing right behind us, like in plain view and we were just like where did he come from?!

Who are you?

Jamey: This random guy, in $3,000 roller skates, just pees in public, like..

And jumps over random strangers.

Jamey: What the hell?

Jake: The standard.

That sums up America.

Jamey: Was there any other ones?

Bassy: We’ll save them, we’ll save them. No, I don’t even, no that. I didn’t even think of that one when the question got asked.

Jai: We gained some fans driving the RV around in America last time because we would stop at random like truck stops and the truckers *mimics Southern accent* “Where y’all goin’’” “What ya doin’ in there” “Oh you play music?!” “What kind of music” Alfred was his name, so shout out to Alfred the truckee. It’s gonna be pumpin’ BM on this tour.

Bassy: That’s where our real fans are, in the heart of America.

What went through your guys’ head when you got the call from Hopeless Records about getting signed and to make your debut album?

Bassy: Fucking finally!

Jai: Hopeless sort of hit us up and it wasn’t until like 2 years later we were all signing paperwork. I think for some bands it’s not such a long process but for us it was kind of like, by the time we signed officially, everyone was like, “WOAH YOU SIGNED WITH HOPELESS!” And we were just like yeah, ‘bout fucking time we signed with Hopeless but yeah, it was final that we did it.

Chris: It has given us the opportunity to come here and like go to England and like do all those things so it’s like I don’t know, as Bassy said, it’s kind of a dream really.

Mikayla: I was telling Pat from The Maine the other day, I was like “When you do Sad Summer Fest, just put Between You & Me in there. Just them. No one else.”

So, the last question is what can we expect from you guys on this next album? Are we sticking to the roots of Everything Is Temporary or are we changing it up? What should fans expect?

Jake: Now, we’re getting political. It’s all I’ll say.

Bassy: It’s coming..It’s gonna be, I don’t even want to say what it’s gonna be so, just think about that. Yeah, get that into your earhole. Just be ready, ‘cause you won’t be ready.

Also I have to ask, what is your favorite With Confidence song?

Bassy: “Icarus” for me.

Chris: “I Will Never Wait.”

Jake: Actually, I did say “Tails” but I think “Voldemort.” When I heard that it reminded me of like the first we toured with them in 2016 and it was nostalgic.

Jai: Uh, what’s that cover they do? Nah, it’s definitely “Dinner Bell.”

Bassy: Mine was “London Lights” but it’s now “Icarus.”

Jamey: Mine’s a toss up between “Icarus” and “the Turnaround” ‘cause I really like that song.

Bassy: BYAM OUT!

Jake: And break!

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