Interview: Blue Season: Genre Mixing in the Inland Empire

by Calista Fernandez

Photo by Blue Season

I was recently given the opportunity to interview an up and coming local band out of Riverside, CA. The group is called Blue Season, consisting of main members Marwan, Alex, Noah, and Darryl, and they play well, they play “Blue Season music.” Their genre breaking music combines influences that each member brings to the table, stemming from hardcore to rap to blues and anything in between. Their style has created something unique that cannot be explained with words, but hits a different chord with each note.

The group came to fruition through the connections the boys have made through attending the University of California, Riverside. Each member had been playing music and creating for years, but none had found where they felt they could thrive the most. The common denominator in this group was actually their lead singer and fellow guitarist, Marwan, who brought together guitarist/pianist Alex and drummer Noah to jam one day after meeting them both separately. After hours of just continuous playing, it seemed Blue Season was suddenly formed. From there, Noah met their soon to be bassist Darryl, and the band has been creating more music ever since.

On January 11th 2019, Blue Season released their first original single, “Take It Easy,” on all streaming platforms. The band “generally writes their songs altogether,” so that each person can have input and add their own flair to the song, and that’s exactly what happened with this single. Marwan came up with the idea for the heavy riff at the start of the song before Blue Season was created, but couldn’t figure out exactly what to do with it. When he decided to bring the song into rehearsal, the single started to take form.

Once they started playing the song and adding to it, “ideas started bouncing everywhere” and Blue Season had a new goal to work towards: completing their first single. From Noah coming up with percussion additions to Alex jamming on the keyboard and the incredible bassline at the chorus combined with essences of rap, the group found their first real sound. It’s eclectic and unexpected, exactly what the group wanted to create.

The band wants to do exactly what they’re doing: play music that they enjoy creating both together and independently. One of their biggest goals for their future is to get out there and start touring and making connections to become the best version of themselves they can be.

Upcoming, the group are going to be releasing their new E.P. “Knock on Wood” out on April 12th 2019, featuring new original songs that encompass more Blue Season music for fans of all genres. They’re also throwing a release party which is to be announced on their social media platforms. Keep your eyes on your local music scene, and be sure to stream Take It Easy today!