Interview: Magnolia Park on their new single "Sick Of It All" & Project Inspirations

Photo by Jessica Griffith

Based in Orlando, FL, Magnolia Park is a pop punk/alternative rock band who blends pop punk, hip hop, and emo rock to create an eccentric and inviting sound. Along with performing with other bands such as Capstan and Belmont, they’ve released an EP called Vacant. Recently, the band released their new single “Sick Of It All” with an energetic music video. Magnolia Park members Joshua Roberts (Vocals), Tristan Torres (Guitar), Freddie Criales (Guitar), Jared Kay (Bass), Joe Horsham (Drums) create a rhythmic and empowering style, and are definitely an exciting band to look out for!



Congrats on releasing your new single, “Sick Of It All!” It’s full of so much energy and makes me want to headbang in the pit. What was your songwriting and producing process like?

Thank you! It was a lot of fun to make; we started with a vocal chop and a blink 182 inspired rift. The song came together in a day. Josh had all the vocals pretty much done on the first demo I sent to him. We were really inspired by all the people standing up for themselves in the world today and not taking anymore crap.We brought it to Andrew Wade who has worked with Neck Deek and A Day To Remember to get mixed. It came out great and we are really proud of it. - Tristan

I love the ending of “Sick Of It All” and how it slows down into a ballad type of style. What inspired this musical decision?

We wanted the end to feel like a slow decline into bliss. We were really inspired by trip hop and doing something different with our sound. - Josh

Can you tell us about your creative process behind the “Sick Of It All” music video?

What was the most challenging part of producing it? Oh my God! So you wont believe this but the studio we used actually got flooded half way through the shoot. Water was piling in behind the camera and the owner wasn’t there at the time. We are super lucky we did not lose power. - Joe

Your single, “Outside,” expresses the feeling of drowning on the inside but looking fine on the outside, which I’m sure many people can relate to. It’s awesome to write songs that connect people together and let them know that they’re not alone. What advice would you want to give to your listeners who might be feeling this way?

I wrote Outside the day after I tried to take my own life. I never told anyone that but the advice I would give is do your best to find people who love and care about you. Work on yourself and what you want to do. When things get too hard take a step back to breathe. Remember that you are never alone and this a great world to be in. - Tristan

Photo by Kayla Surico

“Pumpkin Eater” features a voiceover by American Hasidic rabbi, Abraham Twerski, explaining what “true love” is. How do his words and perspective tie into the lyrics in “Pumpkin Eater?”

Pumpkin Eater is about the end of a toxic relationship. His words about True love play into song because it’s about coming to terms with the fact that the relationship wasn’t true love. - Tristan

All of your singles and EPs have beautiful and creative cover art. How do you plan out what you want to depict visually with each project?

As we are writing our music we love to come up with visual ideas to go with our music. It makes it feel more cohesive for us. - Josh

How have you guys been dealing with quarantine and the new landscape of the music scene?

We are doing our best to social distance and stay safe. Thankfully we were still able to work in the studio with our mask on. - Joe

What upcoming projects can we look forward to?

We are dropping a song every 5 to 6 weeks. There will be two mixtapes coming out next year!

Rapid Fire Questions

Last show you went to?

Can’t Swim and Capstan

Favorite hobby other than creating music? Skateboarding

Favorite song right now?

Trap by Saint Jhn

Dream festival or venue you’d like to perform at? Glastonbury

Photo by Jessica Griffith