Interview: Nightly talks about their new EP & tour!

Interview By Claire Doherty and Yising Kao 11.8.18

Photo by Yising Kao

Concert Photos of Nightly by Claire Doherty:

Nightly is an amazing band to keep your eyes on! Jonathan Capeci (vocalist), Joey Burette (guitar), and Nick Sainato (drums) all makeup Nightly, a Nashville-based Indie Electric group. Their band name means “‘night, love you,” which matches their dreamy musical aesthetic and how they convey their honest emotions into their music. In 2016, they released their first single “xo” and it surpassed one million plays over just a few weeks. Nightly eventually signed with Interscope Records and released their first EP called Honest in 2016. Over the past month, Nightly has been on their third installment tour with NF. We had the chance to catch up with them before they hit the stage at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood.

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Claire: Over the summer your sing Sleepless Nights you did with Ayokay came out. How did that collaboration come together? Was the writing/recording process different?

Jonathan: Alex (Ayokay) came to us with the back track sound which was basically Sleepless night. I sent him a couple of melodies and he thought they were tite. Then I just spent a day in the studio playing around on the piano writing the melodies and lyrics. Then I sent it to him and he thought it was sick. The whole experience was definitely different collaborating with another artist. We usually do the melodies, lyrics, and music.

Joey: It was a very cool, great easy first time collaborating with another artist

Claire: Yeah, what I really liked is even though you were collaborating with another artist it sounded like Nightly. I still felt the story was told in this song, that's told in your own songs. Also collaborating with another artist I felt really helped put Nightly out more into the world, and introduce your music to another fan base. It is one of your top songs on spotify!

Yising: Your new song is coming out tomorrow! How would you compare the style from your other songs?

Jonathan: Its more vibey, broken down. There's no drums. It not an acoustic song, but is has some of the elements a acoustic song would. It's more stripped.

(This song was released today! Younger off their new EP ‘the sound of your voice’)

Jonathan & Joey from Nightly at the Hollywood Palladium

Claire: What was the creative process like when directing/shooting the covers and live album art for your latest single?

Jonathan: Basically we had the concept. I knew I wanted each piece to have the less than three (<3) over it. Wanted intimate shots of the same person with different colors (red and blue) and then the EP cover have both red and blue combined in it. Where everything else has just been either red or blue. We just started brainstorming with how we can do that, obviously we got Nolan involved (Nightly's super talented photographer/videographer) and then we got our friend to be the model. That was kind of the vibe and then we just did a massive shoot of different parts of her body. Then for the EP cover, we will reveal her face.

Claire: So it’s kind of like that person is revealed in a scene.

Jonathan: Yeah kind of. The EP is called the sound of your voice. We really wanted to showcase her lips like she’s talking.

Nick from Nightly at the Hollywood Palladium

Yising: How do you guys constantly keep your music unique from other artist and find inspiration to try new things?

Jonathan: We try to be ourselves as best as we can. Nobody can be you. Like, nobody can be Claire. As long as you're not trying to be someone else, just figuring out who you are, your stuff will come out sounding unique.

Claire: So as 2018 is coming to an end, what do you hope 2019 brings?

Jonathan: We have a headlining tour planned that we are announcing in like two weeks. All across the U.S. We are really excited cause we've always wanted to do that.

Joey: Of course more new music.

Yising: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Jonathan: Just thank you for listening to our music, and just being so passionate. You guys are the best!

Fun Facts:

Claire: What's your dream venue to play at?

Jonathan: Madison Square Garden

Joey: Electric Factory in Philly. Growing up and going to concerts their i've always wanted to play there.

Yising: What's the top song on your playlist right now?

Jonathan: I’ve been listening to Bazzi album a lot.

Joey: I've just been crushing old Coldplay .

Claire: Who’s the Fortnight master?

Jonathan: We play on the same team. Joe is definitely the best, but I would say our squad is pretty “iron clade.” I’d say eighty percent of the time, Joe has the most kills then twenty percent of the time, it’s either me or Nick.

Joey: For the record, I’m the person who plays the most video games.

Jonathan: But we all play a good role. Some people go in while I always stay back and hold it down.

Claire & Yising: Thank you for the interview! We’re excited for your upcoming tour!