Interview: Till I Fall Talk “All I Have” and More!

Interview by Calista Fernandez

Photo by Till I Fall

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How did you each discover your love for music and how did Till I Fall come together?

I (Brandon) started TiF in 2011 and met each of the guys over the course of a few years of playing music in similar circles. After Zax and I wrote the self-titled EP, we asked Scott to record drums for the album and his sound created such a different vibe and dynamic in the band; it was crucial for him to stay and continue helping us widen our range as a band. Anthony joined us around the same time and helped us become a 4-piece again. He has been an imperative part of building our tour history and being able to play as often as we do.

When thinking about your writing process, what inspired you for your new full-length album, All I Have?

We wrote All I Have over the course of about a year and a half, pretty much from the point of releasing the self-titled EP until the entire record was complete. Our influences are all different. For Zax, it’s a lot of pop punk and alternative rock bands such as Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, and Bayside. For myself, it’s a mix of Pop-Rock and Hip Hop. The lyricism in music is what I always focus on when I’m listening, and writing is the same. I pull a lot of influence from groups like Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, and Third Eye Blind, but also from artists like Eminem, Tupac, and Ice Cube. Obviously, the subject matter is different for us, but the way they use language and paint pictures with words is what really inspires All I Have. We see the record as a string of audio surrounding its own world, so we really wanted to try new things and really detail each song and track the best we could to help create a different type of album.

You play mainly rock and pop punk music, so who are some of your music inspirations when it comes to sound?

For Zax, it’s Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, and Bayside. For myself, it’s Pop-Rock and Hip Hop, groups like Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, and Third Eye Blind, Eminem, Tupac, and Ice Cube.

You released your single “Let Me Breathe” on February 13th, and hoped that the song could “inspire conversation, change, and a more united future for all.” Can we expect the rest of the All I Have to have similar undertones?

The record is going to be different to everyone that hears it, so this is kind of a tricky question. I think we talk about a lot of things personal to us and some things that have happened across the country that have influenced how we see things. We don’t, or at least try really hard not to, write the same song twice, but absolutely believe that we should use the position we have to talk about things that other bands aren’t.

If you were each able to work with another artist, who would you choose and why?

Zax: Rian Dawson of ATL for sure, to be able to have his ear while either creating or recording our new material to me would be surreal.

Brandon: Dr Dre. He’s incredible at what he does and being able to work with him in any capacity would be crazy. Singing on something he made or writing lyrics to something for someone else. Anything.

What’s next for Till I Fall?

We’ve got some shows coming up in March and April and hope to stay busy touring throughout the rest of the year!