Jess Spink releases "Where It Goes From Here" EP!

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Jess Spink releases her debut EP ‘Where It Goes From Here’, with focus track ‘If I Could Leave’ added to New Music Friday UK on Spotify! A heartfelt introduction to the 23-year-old female singer-songwriter, offering colourful pop production combined with poignant storytelling lyrics. This EP will leave you dancing and crying all at the same time. Seven tracks written in lockdown, take us on the journey of Jess’ experiences growing up, navigating her way through difficult relationships and the highs and lows of transitioning into adulthood. The EP title ‘Where It Goes From Here’ was inspired by Jess taking more control of her own life as she steps into the next chapter.

The main theme running through the EP comes from Jess’ search for her independence after going through a breakup that left her stuck at a crossroad. ‘Same But Different’, ‘If I Could Leave’ and ‘I’m Not Yours’ share Jess’ conflicting feelings of heartache, loss, hope and eventually acceptance during this time. Other tracks include ‘Eleven’, which delves into Jess’ grief and confusion around her parents separation, to the playful ‘Out Loud,’ exploring the anticipation of telling someone how you feel about them. Finding inspiration for ‘Love Last’ through her sister’s past of toxic partners as a teenager before finding someone that treated her how she deserves, Jess aims to speak to her generation, channeling real experiences that her listeners can relate to. The underlying messages of these songs show how many of us are characters in the same stories growing up. Using descriptive, honest lyrics combined with dreamy electronic production, Jess’ passion and emotion come through in reflective verses and powerful catchy chorus’.

Jess shares: “This EP has my blood sweat and tears in it; every song is special to me in different ways but they’re all completely raw and personal. Based on situations that have helped me learn and grow stronger, I’m grateful to have songwriting and music as an outlet. I can’t wait for other people to hear the songs and hopefully relate and find comfort in my music. I know where I want it to go from here and that’s exciting, bring it on!”

Photo by Hattie Neate

As a young independent singer-songwriter in today’s music industry, Jess is determined to be part of a new wave of female talent from the bedroom pop scene. Having close communication with her fans, she wants to tackle the challenges young people face as well as finding ways of moving forward and being empowered to make positive changes.

Synthesising her feelings into music, whilst sitting at her piano with lyric notes she has written on her phone, has been like a form of therapy for Jess in difficult times, especially through the uncertainty of 2020.

Jess comments on her position in the music industry today: “Male artists and songwriters are still dominating the writing rooms, album charts, label boardrooms and Awards scene, yet there is a wealth of female talent around. I want to get my music heard as part of a move to empower women in music, including female songwriters, producers, musicians and artists to redress the balance and break down barriers.”

This is the just the beginning for Jess as she continues to write, release and perform her music to her growing fanbase.

“I’m looking forward to doing it all, live shows, conceptual music videos, writing and releasing more songs. I want to take risks this year and put myself out of my comfort zone, collaborating with new people across all aspects of the project and pushing the boundaries with my music.”