John Floreani releases new album "Sin!"

Article & Photos by Yising Kao

John Floreani released his new album "Sin" on June 7 through Hopeless Records!! With his raw lyrics and acoustic vibes, he expresses personal topics such as his toxic relationship with his brother, and romance. It's a beautiful album full of emotion, including his singles "Before The Devil Knows I'm Dead" and "Oh Brother." Please go check it out and tell your friends! Also, be prepared to possibly cry.

Here's the tracklist!:

1. Oh Brother

2. Don’t Wait Up

3. Echoes

4. Cocaine

5. Ugly Love

6. Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead

7. Repent

8. I Don’t Want To Be Here Either

Listen to the album here!:

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Hopeless Records:

John performing an acoustic set at Slam Dunk South! (May 26, 2019)

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