Joshua Bassett releases "Common Sense!"

High School Musical The Series artist Joshua Bassett releases "Common Sense!"

He recently announced his signing to Warner Records and we're excited for more new music :)

Joshua says on the song, “’Common Sense’ was one of those lightning-strike songs: the idea came to me seemingly prepackaged, while I was driving to an acting audition. I could barely keep up with it, spilling out the lyrics into my voice memo’s app. When I eventually parked the car that I was practically living out of at the mall across the street, I quickly whipped out my guitar and finished the song in 15 minutes. It felt truly magical. The song is pretty simple; you know someone’s bad news, yet you can’t help but love them anyway. I think everyone, of any age, can relate to that on some level.  Love is love, no matter what ‘common sense’ tells you.”

Listen to the beautiful track here: