Julia Michaels: Changing the World One Lyric at a Time

Review & Photos by Kelsey Hyde

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April 20th 2019. House of Blues – San Diego.

At age 25, Julia Michaels has accomplished so much in her life as a young adult. The general public thinks Michaels has just come out of nowhere in 2017 with her hit single, Issues. What people don’t know is at age 14, Julia met a songwriter named Joleen Belle with whom she wrote the theme song to Disney Channel show Austin and Ally. Along with writing this she has written some of the most popular songs on radio like “Sorry” (Justin Bieber), “Close” (Nick Jonas), and “Lie to Me” (5SOS), along with many more.

Julia Michaels at San Diego House of Blues

Julia Michaels is such a special songwriter because she writes from her heart. Every song she’s ever written is so emotional and honest that it relates to a big audience which has led to her success.

Enough backstory. On April 20th, I was lucky enough to see Julia Michaels perform at the San Diego House of Blues with my close friends Alyssa and Yising. We got in line at about 11:30am after walking around San Diego for about an hour. Not going to lie, this may not be the safest area, so i recommend traveling in groups or having pepper spray handy.

I was the first in line for VIP and was more nervous than ever to meet Julia. Julia has inspired me and has been one of the people I look up to the most for almost two years. At such a young age Julia Michaels has accomplished so much and made a name for herself in an industry that doesn’t allow women to advance much.

Guitar Pick from Julia’s Guitarist, Dan Kanter

As a woman wanting to work in the music industry, she inspires me to go for my goals. I also relate to her songs, whether it’s for the best or the worst and her discussions about toxic relationships, anxiety and loss. She brings up topics in her music most people are afraid to nowadays. It is inspiring to have someone start the conversation about mental health or toxic relationships. She makes me want to be a better person.

I think one of the greatest attractions to her music is how raw and honest she is. She isn’t afraid of what the world has to say about her honesty. She writes music from the heart and isn’t afraid to show love.

Julia Michaels and I during the Meet and Greet

Not going to lie, I cried when I hugged her for the first time. She is someone who has inspired me for so long and to know she is real and there, was comforting. I was going through a lot that week and I finally felt okay. She really cares about every single one of her fans and has the bubbliest personalities. I am so lucky I had the opportunity to meet her.

During the actual show, she talks about how that venue at that time is a safe space. No other artist that I’ve ever seen has ever made sure of that. She united all 1,000 of us in that room and made us feel okay and at peace. She had us scream a cathartic scream to let out life’s frustration. She rapped/spoke a poem about the struggle of social media. She related to every single person in that room. I have honestly never felt as emotional at a show as I did that night and I’ve never been more thankful. I can’t count the amount of times I cried from happiness or even just crying because I can relate about loss and heartbreak.

My friends and I with the confetti after the show!

During “Issues,” confetti bursts from the venue and everyone is smiling and singing our hearts out. I knew at that moment that this, this is what it meant to feel alive.

After the show, I found my friends and gave them a huge hug. I am so grateful for the feeling I got that night. I am grateful for Julia Michaels and who she inspires all of us to be. I am grateful for her being a great role model for young women everywhere.

Julia Michaels at San Diego House of Blues

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