Lauren Jauregui releases "More Than That" video!

By Dulce Naranjo 1.19.19.

Yesterday, the lovely, beautiful and talented Lauren Jauregui uploaded the official music video to her latest single “More Than That.” This artist is an openly known bisexual icon and feminist. In her music video, she presents only girls, with the exception of one man as a waiter, but his only purpose is to serve women. Women who are being pleased by the dancing performances of other women. The song itself talks about a woman, or in this case, Lauren herself being sensual and comfortable with her body, comfortable enough to show it off. The best part in this is that she made it clear that even when a girl wants to show off her body, no one has a right over it but herself. “If I gave you a taste of what I do, just remember that I don’t belong to you.” This is something that to this day, many people still don’t understand. What a woman wears or how she acts does not give you permission to touch her or harass her. Lauren also talks about diamonds not buying her and needing “more than that” to convince her and take her home. In conclusion, we all need “more than that” because all women have great value, no matter what you do or who you are. Lauren the queen herself says it.

Stream the single on iTunes and Spotify now and don’t forget to check out her inspiring and ethereal video!

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