Maia Moham releases "Fences"

Hailed from Orange County, Iranian American pop/soul singer/songwriter Maia Moham celebrates the freedom of expression in music through her raw lyrics and empowering voice. She strives to expose the beauty in the darkness, and write songs that genuinely speak to the mind, body, and soul.

Maia is set to release a powerful set of songs on her debut EP called Façade on July 31st – following the lead-single “Fences” which is available now! With extraordinary perspective on life, love, heartbreak, and the “Fences” that we build around ourselves to keep up an illusion of safety & security, Maia sings her truth with remarkable professionalism and breathtaking honesty. “Fences” is electrifying and inviting, and you can feel Maia's passion through the soulful beats.

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